"Leading in the Right Direction"

About us

Mission Statement

The PebbleCreek Republican Club’s Mission is to attract, educate, organize, equip and mobilize our members by providing an environment for Republicans to be actively involved in the political process and the Republican Party; to provide an opportunity for Republican fellowship and discussion; and, to serve as an educational forum for Republican ideas and principles.

Adopted by the PebbleCreek Republican Club

Executive Committee

March 2010

What Republicans Believe

Republicans believe the United States has been blessed with a unique set of individual rights and freedoms available to all.

Republicans believe people are inspired by the power of God and ingenuity of the individual to succeed through hard work, family support and self-discipline.

Republicans believe in the value of voluntary giving and community support over taxation and forced redistribution.

Republicans believe, as did our Nation’s Founders, that government must be limited so that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe on the rights of individuals.

Republicans believe and support low taxes because individuals know best how to make their own economic and charitable choices.

Republicans believe and are supportive of logical business regulations that encourage entrepreneurs to start more businesses so more individuals can enjoy the satisfaction and fruits of self-made success.

Republicans believe and are committed to preserving our national strength while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

Adapted from the “Beliefs of the Republican Party,” March, 2010